Messi's left boot
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The Limited Edition Collectible
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The Limited Edition

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The Limited Edition

Step into Lionel Messi's world with the Limited Edition of Join The Planet RWA series, featuring collectables inspired by his legendary left boot. Each item captures the essence of Messi's signature and radiates unmatched authenticity. Planet ReFi brings to you exclusively the first 50,000 pieces of this groundbreaking RWA.

These collectables are crafted from materials recycled from the Paraná River in Messi's hometown (Rosario, Argentina), embodying a commitment to environmental sustainability. The transformation of these materials into unique collectables is fully documented and audited, offering a transparent and authentic journey from river debris to your hands.

Unique Piece of Art by Leo Messi

Dive into a world where sports prowess meets environmental advocacy. Our exclusive collaboration with Leo Messi brings you a truly unique piece of art.

Each replica of Messi's iconic boot is not just a symbol of athletic excellence, but a beacon of sustainability.

Join the Planet and Messi in owning a piece of history, where passion for the game meets passion for the planet.

Digital Certificate of Authenticity

With every purchase of our Messi boot replica, you don't just receive a product; you receive a digital certificate of authenticity.

Powered by blockchain technology, this certificate ensures transparency and traceability, guaranteeing that your purchase is an authentic piece of eco-conscious art endorsed by Messi himself.

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This masterpiece not only symbolizes his legacy in sports but also his commitment to environmental protection and empowering local communities.
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