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Every box will contain a reward that will be discovered upon opening.

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People who held an average of 100,000 PLANET for 60 days from 18th July to 18th September 2023 are eligible for a free Mystery Box.

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Mystery Box

What are Mystery Boxes?

Mystery Boxes are a collection of digital assets that are stored on the blockchain as NFTs. Each box has a rarity and will contain a reward that will be discovered upon opening.

Super Rare: Includes the coveted Super Experience Pass, valued at over $100,000.

Limited Edition RWA: Up to 3500 RWAs allocated for holders.

Yield Generator: Gives a percentage from the revenue share pool to the Holders.

Contributor NFT: These collectibles grant access to exclusive draws, raffles, and airdrops, enhancing the holder's experience.

All Mystery Boxes will be openable after a few weeks, the official date is yet to be confirmed.
Mystery Box

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